What are package deals?

Package deals are collections of music tracks, soundscapes, sound fx or any audio that have something in common. The mood and instrumentation can be very similar or the purpose(s) for which the music is written is the same.

What are the benefits of purchasing a package?

Purchasing a package is a great way to get a coherent sound palette for your project(s). Using multiple music tracks or sounds from one package will give your project a consistent sound, mood and quality. Another advantage of a package is the affordable price. You obviously pay less for a package then when you purchase all audio items separately.

Use the music in anyway you want....

When you buy a package you will receive all items in MP3 and .WAV format. 
You will receive an commercial license for all items. This means you will have the lifetime rights to use the music for any purpose or medium as often and unlimited as you want. 

Our first package deal!

This December we launched our first package deal named 'Dark Ambient'.
This collection has 3 soundscapes with a very similar dark, sinister, ominous, scary and ambient mood.

Dark Ambient Package

More packages will be coming!

We are working hard to compose and produce more creative and inspiring music packages in the future. If you have any ideas or if you are looking for a certain collection of audio items, please let us know!

You can purchase the "Dark Ambient Package" for only €18,-