Terms of Service

1. General

a. The Agreement herein is made between you and ‘Sawsonic’, the owner of the site www.sawsonic.com, and it settles the terms and conditions under which you receive the right to download music included in the Site’s library.

b. You hereby declare and confirm that (1) you have read and understood the Agreement. (2) Your age does not limit you from lawfully engaging in the Agreement. (3) You are authorized to engage in the Agreement herein for yourself, personally, or for the corporation the details of which were given upon purchase of the license.

c. You hereby declare and confirm that Sawsonic is and remains the owner of all the music available on the website, inclusive of all intellectual property rights and all copyrights, and that you do not and will not have any rights whatsoever in the music, exclusive of the right of use as specified in this Agreement.

Opening an account

a. To make use of the Site’s service and receive a license for using the music as specified in the Agreement herein, you may be required to open an account on the website, provide accurate personal information and pay for the license. It is not allowed to provide a non-existent email address or an email address that doesn’t belong to you. It is forbiden to act as another person or to mislead in any other way regarding your identity or your credit card or payment details. 

b. You are required to protect the safety of your account details (username, password and email adress) and you will bear full responsibilty for the activities in your account. 

c. You are required to immediately inform Sawsonic of any unauthorized use of your account.

License to use

a. When purchasing music from our website you are granted a non-exclusive license to use the music for projects combing sound, text, film, images and all kinds of multimedia such as: Video, advertisement, presentations, games, applications, software, slideshows, animations, podcasts, audiobooks, films, series and so on. 

b. The license gives you the right to play/present/distribute the music, as long as its integrated/synchronized as part of a new multimedia project, in all existing media. 

c. The license is personal and nontransferable and the licensee is the person whose name is given in the purchase form. 

d The license is non-exclusive and all music on the website will be available for other users. 

e. Sawsonic can add or remove music from its library from time to time.

f. The license to use is only valid if the music has been downloaded directly from Sawsonic website with the use of a free or paid download.

g. You hereby agree that after purchasing a license from the website, you are unable to return the digital download, and therefore you are unable to cancel your purchase and you will not be able to receive any sort of refund.

4. Limitations to the use

a. You hereby agree to not sell, transfer, share or give others the license to use Sawsonic’s music.

b. You hereby agree not to remix, add vocals or music elements to our music to make a new music production on its own.

c. You hereby agree to not use the music in themselves, but only to integrate or synchronize them as part of a new (multi-media) project.

d. You hereby agree to not use the music to provide a service that competes with this website, such as a music collection/library/database or in any other manner. Furthermore you agree not to share or upload the music to any internet sites or give access to the music to any third parties.

e. You hereby undertake not to claim ownership of any of the music.

5. Forbidden usage

a. It is forbidden to use the music in any way that is illegal or in any way that may damage the artist or the website reputation.

b. It is forbidden to use the music, inclusive as part of projects, in context of violence, abomination, pornography, slander, violating privacy, racism, hate and discrimination against any person or based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, community or nationality. Sawsonic reserves the full right to decide at its discretion whether a use of music constitutes a violation of this article and you hereby accept the website decision in this matter.

c. It is forbidden to use the music in any way that is forbidden by the provisions of any law.

d. It is forbidden to obtain unauthorized access to the website and its content, other people’s account or computer systems, networks or servers connected to the website.

e. You hereby agree that the website might demand that you immediately cease the use of the music in case the website receives a notice according to which the music might be violating any third party rights.

6. Intellectual property rights

a. All information, content, music, services, text, illustrations, graphics, sound and software included in the website are protected by copyrights and intellectual property rights of the website or of other third party suppliers.

b. You are forbidden from using the website name, trademarks and logos which are in the website.

c. You hereby agree and confirm you do not and will not have ownership of intellectual property rights of the website.

7. Website’s rights in case of violation

a. You hereby agree that any unauthorized use of music by you or someone on your behalf constitutes a breach of the agreement as well as a violation of the copyright laws. In such case, the website has the full right to exercise all rights and remedies available by law.

b. The website will have the right to block your access to the website, temporarily or permanently in case you violate the law or any terms of use specified by the website and you will bear no claim or demand in this regard.

c. The website has the right to disclose personal information about you and your usage in order to obey legal requirements.

8. Nature of the engagement

a. You hereby agree and confirm that the engagement between you an the website is an engagement between the provider of a license and a licensee. The parties are not bound in any employee-employer or partnership relation

b. You are unable to cancel the engagement in the Agreement and you will not be able to receive any refund or whatsoever.

c. Sawsonic has the right to change the conditions of the Agreement from time to time. When changes are made, the new agreement will be published to the website and a notice will be sent to you.

d. You hereby agree that the site is allowed to sent you email notifications referring to the website’s services.