Free Download
(Creative Commons License)
MP3-file only

Most music in our library is free to download and is licensed under the Creative Commons License. This means:

• The music is free to download and free to use for any purpose.

• You must give credit to us by adding our website URL to your project's description. 

Commercial License
(Standard, Extended, Unlimited access)
MP3 & WAV-files

In some cases you will need to buy a Commercial License: 

• There is no free download available. 

• You want the music in high-quality .WAV 

You are unable or you don't want to credit us.

How to Credit?

Proper ways to credit us would be:

• "Music by: https://www.sawsonic.com"  
• "Song Title - https://www.sawsonic.com"

File Format

You will receive the purchased items in:

• MP3-format (320-kbps, 44,1Khz)
• WAV-format (24-bit, 44,1Khz